Types of Logistics Services Provided by Logistics Companies

The scope of logistics is very broad. It makes logistics companies also provide different services according to their specialists. Some logistics companies only provide partial logistics services, such as warehousing services, stevedoring, & cargo handling, and others.

However, large logistics companies with complete facilities and equipment usually can provide complete logistics services and meet your company’s logistics needs.

What exactly are the logistics services provided by a logistics company? In this article, we will explain it.

logistics services

What is a Logistics Service?

Logistics services are services that assist in the movement of goods in the supply chain, such as transportation of materials to companies, warehousing, and delivery to customers. Logistics services are very broad, so it grouped into several levels, such as 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL. We will discuss logistics service levels in the next article.

Logistics services are a very important part of supply chain management and play an important role in helping product flow control, effective planning, and efficient management of storing goods and information.

Therefore, to increase efficiency and get a better customer experience, a company should work with an experienced and trusted logistics company.

7 R’s Concept in Logistics

the 7 Rs of Logistics

7 R is a concept that is very well known and very important to be applied in the logistics activities in a company. The 7 R concept also helps companies to plan the best logistics management to deal effectively with the complexity of services. Here is the concept of 7 R in logistics.

1. Right Product.

In the process of designing, producing, and selecting products, a company must look at the potential problems that can arise during the transportation process. Products when designed properly will greatly facilitate the logistics process. Ensuring standardization of product dimensions throughout the design process will make packaging, warehousing, product handling, and transportation much easier.

2. Right Customer (The Right Customer).

The customer is the core component and the focus of the supply chain process. Getting the right customers must go through several processes, such as identifying the customers to target. To get the characteristics of targeted customers, you can do market research.

Market research will give you insight into who you should target and help you stick to your budget. With good market research, a company can choose the most effective marketing strategy to reach its target customers.

3. Right Price (Right Price).

Determining product prices is a very important part of a company because the right product price will ensure the company’s profits and business continuity. Using a good system to store and update product prices also helps to be successful in logistics management services.

4. Right Quantity.

Producing and shipping the right amount of product is also important in logistics. The number of products is less than demand will result in customers not getting the product at the right time. However, the excess quantity will also increase warehousing costs and other related costs. So the production and delivery of products must be balanced with the demand for cost-efficiency.

5. Right Condition.

The right conditions in logistics speak of safe delivery. Product quality must be maintained until it reaches the customer. The distribution strategy must be arranged in such a way as to maintain product quality without increasing costs.

6. Right Time.

Time is an important factor in logistics activities. Even if the other processes are performed accurately, the whole process can fail if the timing is not right. Long-term customer and business satisfaction are only possible if products are delivered to customers on time.

7. Right Place.

A good delivery system with location tracking is the most appropriate solution to overcome this. So the company can track the location of the product accurately and send it to the right place.

Types of Logistics Services

In general, logistics services can be grouped into the following categories:

1. Port Service.

port services

Port services are usually provided by the logistics company that manages or owns the port.

Port services include:

  • Jetty
  • Pilotage & harbor tug
  • Port yard service
  • Port Warehousing Services.
  • Vessel provision service
  • Berthing service
  • Navigation service

2. Stevedoring & Cargo Handling.

stevedoring and cargo handling services

Stevedoring and cargo handling services carry out business activities in the field of loading and unloading goods from and to ships at the port.

Stevedoring and cargo handling services include:

  • Stevedoring Service
  • Cargo Handling Service
  • Lashing – Unlashing Services
  • Heavy Lifting Service
  • Manpower Supply.

3. Freight Forwarding Service.

Freight forwarding services

Freight forwarding services are intermediary services between companies that deliver and the final destination of goods, with different modes of transportation such as sea transportation, land transportation, and air transportation.

Freight forwarding services include:

  • FCL & LCL Sea Freight Service
  • Breakbulk Sea Freight Service
  • Air Freight
  • Trucking Service
  • Warehousing service
  • Custom Clearance Service.

4. Third-Party Logistics Service.

third party logistics services

Third-party logistics services offer a variety of integrated logistics services. Such as planning your company’s logistics needs, and carrying out all logistics activities using their assets.

Third-party logistics services include:

  • Warehouse Management Services.
  • Transportation & Delivery Service
  • Distribution Center Services.
  • Project Cargo Services.
  • Shorebase Services.

Logistics Service Provider Company

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