Port & Terminal

Port & Terminal provides services for any vessel activities such as vessel berthing/un-berthing, wharfage, mooring/un-mooring, freshwater provision, garbage disposal, storage services for breakbulk & containerized cargo, etc.

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Citranusa Kabil Port has a well-equipped and maintained facility with 6 berths completed with security guards and monitored by CCTV round the clock. Citranusa Kabil Port has a comprehensive one-stop service center with the CIQP (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine, and Port Authorities) facilities/services located within the port to ensure fast and smooth document clearances.

Pilotage & Harbour Tug

Citranusa Kabil Port provides 24 hours/ 7 days services of Pilotage & Harbour Tug for berth/ un-berth of the vessel.


  • Asphalt surface : 4 Hectare
  • Dust Stone surface : 2 Hectare
  • Bauxite surface : 16 Hectare
Layanan Warehouse


3 unit Warehouse @648 sqm

Vessel Provision

Citranusa Kabil Port provides freshwater provision & garbage disposal.


Citranusa Kabil Port provides services for any vessel activities such as vessel berthing/ un-berthing, mooring/ un-mooring. pilotage and harbor tug.

Layanan Navigation


Citranusa Kabil Port equipped with marine terminal radio & buoy navigation. 

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