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SCN Port & Logistic Group Is Well Known As An Integrated Logistics Solution That Provides End-To-End Services With A Lot Of Port & Logistic Experiences.

Port & Terminal

Port & Terminal provides services for any vessel activities such as vessel berthing/ un-berthing, wharfage, mooring/ un-mooring, freshwater provision, garbage disposal, storage services for breakbulk & containerized cargo, etc.

Stevedoring &
Cargo Handling

Stevedoring is activities that are connected with loading/unloading cargo to/from a vessel by using vessel crane/shore crane, loading/unloading permit, lashing/unlashing cargo, shifting cargo onboard, etc.

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is an intermediary that provides a wide range of logistics services to move certain cargo from its point of origin to its final destination within Indonesia or overseas.

Third-Party Logistics

We provide total logistics services activities by adding value to the entire supply chain to the customers.

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